Pet Session – Emily and Wrigley

Emily was really interested in photos but wasn’t sure if Wrigley was game for a pet session. We decided he didn’t have a choice and bribery would be used to convince him otherwise. We also decided Bribery would be the perfect name for animal treats (yes, I’ve already called dibs on this).

Wrigley gave me the initial sniff down to make sure I passed the test and could be in his house. After that, he went about his business. His priorities were not the photos. A few snuggles and lovings later, he let us know he needed a bribe. Treats were hidden. Treats were eaten. Wrigley made a few attempts to make the pet session go well. But all in all, Wrigley was definitely playing the system. He knew how to manipulate to get attention and more treats. This old boy knew what he was doing!

After who knows how many cookies and a banana, Wrigley snuggled with Emily and gave into the fact he was getting his photo taken. Emily said this was nothing new and was glad to see he was acting like his true self. By the end, he was most certainly worn out. He was ready for nap number five of the day and Emily needed a heavy-duty lint roller to battle his shedding.



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