Holcomb Gardens at Butler University

I met Andrea and Joe in Holcomb Gardens at Butler University for some family time. If you’re not familiar, Holcomb Gardens is about a 20-acre retreat tucked away in the middle of Butler’s campus. It’s a beautiful open space with plenty of trees and open areas.

Andrea and Joe had the cutest little family session with their son, Mav. Everyone matched perfectly. Right down to Mav’s suspenders! And to top it off, Andrea wore a hat! I LOVE hats. Sorry guys – this does not mean baseball caps (which I do like).  However, what I’m talking about are those super cute wide brim lady hats. Ya know, those hats you can wear in the summer to look cute and keep the sun off your face. Similar to the ones that just ooze that cool breezy put-together look with a scarf in the fall. I may be infatuated with hats and getting off-topic if you couldn’t already tell. Back to the point.

Andrea and Joe really wanted to show their family growing and how quickly Mav is changing from a baby to a little boy. But most importantly, they wanted photos that captured their sweet love. Yes, their love really is sweet. They were loving, playful, and gentle with each other. Well, except for an accident during a failed lift attempt. That was most certainly not so gentle and did not treat Joe too well. He was a champ and definitely had a good laugh about it. Eventually.

Even little Mav was a happy, excited boy. And yes, I MAY have done double duty and held him while simultaneously taking photos of his mom and dad. Do you blame me? I would have done that the entire time if I had known he would have been so happy and chill! Seriously, go look how cute he is with those big brown eyes and little suspenders. If nothing else, just take a peek to look at photos of the Holcomb Gardens at Butler University.


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