Family Hike at Ijams -The Kalafsky’s

I met the Kalafsky’s in the gravel lot at Ijams for their photos during their family hike and the girls were instantly excited! Well, almost. Kate wasn’t so sure about having someone join them during family time, as well as having to walk with a sore toe. Molly, on the other hand, was thrilled. Almost as much as Pivo – the family dog. Pivo is actually what kick-started the idea of family photos.

That beautiful ball of fur has been in their lives for about 14 years! Since she’s starting to get up in years, Kirsty thought it would be nice to have family photos during an activity they typically like to do together. Plus, it’d be a great opportunity to have Pivo tag along for a few solo ones with her favorite guy, Ron. Pivo was most certainly a happy girl to get in all the smells and take a nice long walk down to the water’s edge.  Needless to Kate finally warmed up to the idea of photos after a quick game of red light, green light mid-hike. Mentioning the Beatles may have also helped (thanks to their Mom for a dropping a few hints). The girls LOVE ‘Yellow Submarine’ by the Beatles.

We may have started out with a plan to have their family hike at Ijams on the boardwalk, and made changes last minute thanks to a storm. But switching to the trails around the quarry was most certainly just as fun. Now if only I had brought my phone with me so I could have played ‘Yellow Submarine’ for the girls early on. I think that would have sold them for the rest of the family hike.



Ijams Nature Center

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