Fall Creek Falls – Cate and Michael

At Fall Creek Falls, I met Cate and Michael for an afternoon hike and couples session. Was it a special occasion? Nope. Do you need a special occasion for photos? Not at all!  They just wanted some photos together that weren’t selfies. Let’s face it, selfies can be cute, but is that what grandma wants hanging on her wall? Probably not.

The three of us hiked to the bottom of a waterfall, hoping for awe-inspiring large amounts of water cascading over the high wall of rocks. Sadly, Fall Creek Falls was a bit on the trickling side instead of the gushing and flowing side. (We didn’t think about it not having rained for a while.) But you know what? It didn’t matter. These two wonderful people were so happy just to be outside and with each other. So we didn’t really get a waterfall session, but everyone still had a great time. Even a few inside jokes were created. (IE: A case of the East and West. How much tape is too much tape?)

These two goofballs are avid hikers, loving being active and healthy. Which is no surprise that Cate and Michael actually met at the gym! I’m not kidding when I call them goofballs either. There may have been a few Captain Morgan poses. You’ve seen the commercials right? The knee raised with a hand on hip? Oh and a few flexing ones, because hey, why not throw a tribute into how they met? Think I’m joking? Guess you’ll just have to start scrolling to find out.


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