Downtown Knoxville Celebration – Avery

Downtown Knoxville. That’s where Avery and I decided to celebrate his birthday. It wasn’t just a celebration from 28 to 29, but also a celebration of everything the year had given him.

A big heart and personality are two things that stand out when you first meet Avery. It could be why he’s so outgoing and fun to be around. Not only is he a University of Tennessee Alum, but he also works there pouring his heart into everything he does. As a UT graduate, Tennessee native, and just an all-around exciting person, we knew we had to incorporate some very icon items into his celebration shoot. Downtown Knoxville, the Sunsphere at the Worlds Fair Park, and the well known Gay Street were the perfect places to give thanks and celebrate.

To really put it over the edge, showcase Avery, and go out with a bang, we popped some bubbly! Yep, we took champagne downtown and let it pop! All that was missing was a lil Beyonce and presents. Who says champagne is only for special occasions? Who says a 29th birthday isn’t reason enough? Because an evening with Avery is anything but ordinary! This guy is simply amazing! He’s so full of life, enthusiasm, love, and style. Ask anyone that knows Avery, and I’m 100 % positive they will agree!

Happy Birthday to the Celebrator of all Celebrations! Can’t wait to see what 29 has in store for you.


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