A Date Night at Max Patch – Avery and Austin

A date night at Max Patch was a typical outing for Avery and Austin. These two are all about being present. Soaking in every moment and enjoying every single second. They even thought of everything too! Not only did they have their tent set up, but they already had a blanket, and music going. They even came prepared with adult beverages and cards. And of course, THE most important thing, their dog, Luna. With a spectacular view like that of Max Patch, what more do you need?

Max Patch is one of the few bald mountains in the Tennessee / North Carolina area and I must say, bald mountains have some of the best views. Bald mountains have don’t trees to obstruct views. Just grass blowing in the breeze with miles and miles of open views in all directions. If you ask me, it seems like a pretty good place to spend a Friday night. A date night. Or any night for that matter.

It was such a privilege to get to hang out with Avery and Austin while they danced and played around. Of course, Luna was such a sweet girl and stole my heart from the start. She wasn’t the biggest fan of ‘sit’ but was able to be bribed once or twice with a chip. Okay, there may have been more than two chips and lots of ear scratches. Luna seemed just as pleased to frolic while her mom and dad just enjoyed each other’s company.

When you’ve got all you need with you, all that’s left to do is soak in the view.



Max Patch

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