First Birthday Cake Smash – Maeve

Maeve’s first birthday was a smash! Literally. Her first birthday cake smash was the smash of all cake smashes. I’ve never seen a child eat that much cake, in one sitting, for the first time. I don’t think any of us had. I was impressed by the amount of cake that made it into her mouth. Seriously, this girl didn’t let much go to waste. We didn’t think to time her, but we should have. Not only did they stop her from eating the entire cake, but they also had to rush her to the tub so she’d stop eating what was stuck to her.

Mom and Dad sure seemed to have a plan of attack when it came time to clean-up the aftermath. That included lil Maeve. It almost seemed like they had done this before until it came time to getting Maeve to the tub. With a look of “please don’t vomit” and outstretched arms, Mom was ready to scurry down the hall for a quick de-caking in the bathtub.

Maeve seemed very pleased with her first birthday. Lots of balloons. Sweet, sweet cake. Of course, you can’t forget about the gifts. And all the attention from family. Best of all, no cake vomit! (We’d heard a few horror stories prior to singing happy birthday.) Everyone was definitely impressed with her first birthday cake smash. But who wouldn’t be impressed with that amount of cake eating? Actually, let’s call it inhaling. There was no eating. She was just flat out shoving it in.


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