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July 24, 2019

Pet Session – Emily and Wrigley

Emily was really interested in photos but wasn’t sure if Wrigley was game for a pet session. We decided he didn’t have a choice and bribery would be used to convince him otherwise. We also decided Bribery would be the perfect name for animal treats (yes, I’ve already called dibs on this). Wrigley gave me […]


July 19, 2019

little boys holding hands outside

Three Generations of Family – Becht and Ross

Three generations of family with four grandsons! Well, more like three and a half boys. One is still hiding with 5-6 months to go.        


May 29, 2019

first birthday cake smash portrait

First Birthday Cake Smash – Maeve

Maeve’s first birthday was a smash! Literally. Her first birthday cake smash was the smash of all cake smashes. I’ve never seen a child eat that much cake, in one sitting, for the first time. I don’t think any of us had. I was impressed by the amount of cake that made it into her […]


February 8, 2019

family sitting on rock smiling with dog sitting on ground

Family Hike at Ijams -The Kalafsky’s

I met the Kalafsky’s in the gravel lot at Ijams for their photos during their family hike and the girls were instantly excited! Well, almost. Kate wasn’t so sure about having someone join them during family time, as well as having to walk with a sore toe. Molly, on the other hand, was thrilled. Almost […]


October 4, 2018

Downtown Knoxville Celebration – Avery

Downtown Knoxville. That’s where Avery and I decided to celebrate his birthday. It wasn’t just a celebration from 28 to 29, but also a celebration of everything the year had given him. A big heart and personality are two things that stand out when you first meet Avery. It could be why he’s so outgoing […]


September 15, 2018