•  Bolt is a nickname
•  Love all things cinnamon (serious obsession)
•  Wine
•  Love to quote Dumb and Dumber
•  I break for turtles and other critters
•  Snakes don't count. Period.
•  My facial expressions are outta control

Bolt is a nickname  •
Love all things cinnamon  •
Wine  •
Quoting Dumb and Dumber  •
I break for all critters  •
Snakes don't count. Period  •
My facial expressions are out of control  •

In a nutshell...

I'm basically a huge ball of sentiment and sarcasm

I love the candid and in between moments when we're truly ourselves and have authentic reactions. It's what makes moments and memories special. It's why photographs are precious reminders. The little things really do matter - the way a nose crinkles when laughing, how your fingers interlock with someone else's, how we laugh with our mouths open, or when our eyes light up reacting to someone else.

I'm also 100% a dog mom.

And yes, they have their own profiles below.

A few reasons I love photos

Preserving memories because time is the most precious thing in life

Finding enjoyment in every moment because the right frame of mind will always let you find fun and appreciation

My love of connecting with people and sharing experiences

The first camera I owned was a hand-me-down from my dad with his initials, which we share.

Because of photos, I'm able to revisit loved ones and places I've visited.

My favorite photo may be of my great-great grandmother and her cow.

•  Chicken nuggets  
•  Her stuffed crinkle bunny 
•  Sun bathing
•  Pretending she's not been fed
•  Solo snuggle time
•  Babies and puppies 
•  Carrots
•  Being bossy

Nora loves exploring, going on adventures, and will only work for food. She's always excited to tag along for outdoor hikes, sessions, and chasing squirrels (tree rats). Unless it involves water, then count her in!

The "Assistants"


•  Tennis balls
•  Things that look like balls
•  Things that move like balls
•  Annoying Nora
•  10 second snuggles
•  Anything crunchy
•  Helping himself to ice from the fridge
•  Sticks the size of firewood

Nash is still learning the ropes and is overly excited at all times. He's always down for love, snacks, and tennis balls. He's completely unaware of his size and will force his puppy love on you.




Continuously asks for a kitty of her own

110 pound baby obsessed with balls

Needed some photos to launch my travel blog. Krista was in the area and down to shoot. Was a total trooper for taking the photos in the rain and was not ashamed of my creative shenanigans. If you have a wacky personality and don’t want a cookie cutter photo shoot, call Krista!

What they're saying

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