I love the candid and in between moments when we're truly ourselves and have authentic reactions. It's what makes moments and memories special. It's why photographs are precious reminders. The little things really do matter - the way a nose crinkles when laughing, how your fingers interlock with someone else's, how we laugh with our mouths open, or when our eyes light up reacting to someone else.

Hi, I'm Krista

. Bolt is a nickname
. I love all things cinnamon
. Love to quote Dumb and Dumber
. I break for turtles and other critters
. Snakes don't count. Period.
. My facial expressions are outta control.
. I'm the OG BadGoodFriend

Photo by Bad Good Friend, Ayrielle

Preserving memories because time is the most precious thing in life that cannot be returned

My love of connecting with people and sharing experiences

The first camera I owned was a hand-me-down from my dad with his initials, which are also mine

Because of photos, I'm able to revisit loved ones and places I've visited

I'm basically a huge ball of sentiment and sarcasm.




I'm 100% a dog mom. Don't be surprised if I show up for your photos with traces of dog hair on me. It's hard to get out of my house without Nora and Nash "slubbing" me. If there are only slight traces, consider it a good day! 

Your photos are important! I want to ensure you not only have fantastic photos, but I also want to make sure you're having fun. I want you to have so much fun you forget there's a camera there. If snacks and breaks need to be had, no problem. If we need to make a pitstop for adult beverages, no worries - I support it! Seriously. Whatever we need to do to ensure you feel like the most comfortable version of you, we can do.

Have ideas for your photos but aren't sure if its "a thing"? It doesn't matter because we'll make it a thing.

Want to eat waffles and drink coffee while hanging out with your bestie or pup? We'll make it happen. Rather pick through your favorite records and dance at home? Deal! Prefer to walk around your favorite outdoor place and stop for drinks? Done!

Whatever person, pet, activity, and or place is important to you, that's what we'll do! Why? Because I believe it is important to have photos to match your memories.

Wanna know more?

Photo by Gretchen Bell Photography

Photo by Bad Good Friend, Ayrielle



What kind of dog mom would I be if I didn't include my pups?