I'm a bit of a goofball. I love making faces, quoting movies, and singing Tupac and classic country to my dogs. Yeah, I know, that's a big jump in genres, but it makes me happy.

Don't get my references? No worries. You're allowed to laugh at how dumb I may sound making them.

•  Bolt is a nickname
•  Love all things cinnamon (serious obsession)
•  Wine
•  Love to quote Dumb and Dumber
•  I break for turtles and other critters
•  Snakes don't count. Period.
•  My facial expressions are outta control

I like to have reruns of The Golden Girls, Friends, The Office, or Parks and Rec on while I work on things at home. So yes, I've seen them all far too many times and will still laugh. 

Speaking of pups

Bolt is a nickname  •
Love all things cinnamon  •
Wine  •
Quoting Dumb and Dumber  •
I break for all critters  •
Snakes don't count. Period  •
My facial expressions are out of control  •

Recent work


Basically, I'm a huge ball of sentiment and sarcasm

We all have a reason

Preserving memories because time is the most precious thing in life.

Finding enjoyment in every moment because the right frame of mind will always let you find fun and adventure.

My love of connecting with people and sharing experiences.

Giving my "assistants" their best life.

My Why's

Chicken nuggets  •
Her stuffed crinkle bunny  •
Sun bathing  •
Pretending she's not been fed  •
Snuggle time while I edit photos  •
Babies and puppies  •
Carrots  •
Being bossy  •

Nora has learned that the camera means time outside. She's always excited to tag along for outdoor hikes, sessions, and keeping everyone in line. Unless it involves water, then count her out!


My "Assistants"


•  Tennis balls
•  Things that look like balls
•  Things that move like balls
•  Annoying Nora
•  10 second snuggles
•  Anything crunchy
•  Helping himself to ice from the fridge
•  Sticks the size of firewood

Nash is still learning the ropes and is overly excited at all times. He's always down for love, snacks, and tennis balls. He's completely unaware of his size and will force his puppy love on you.