Fun, Love, &
  A Little Offbeat

The three magic things that make our lives unique and worth living.

Fun, love, and a little off beat.
A little offbeat? Yeah, we're all a little offbeat and have quirks. But it's about embracing it! 

If you're all about the trifecta, you're in the right place.

I'll nudge you and give you prompts along the way to keep things rolling

What its all about

fun, love, & a little offbeat

Wanna see some more?

I'm a little weird and like to have fun

I'm Krista

About Me

But most importantly, I'm 50% right brain and 50% left.  Which means I'm super organized and detailed while being really creative. Hello, best of both worlds!

What's this mean for you? I'm great at planning ahead, but I'm also a problem solver. So no matter what comes up, I've got ya!